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Dental Industry
In India As A Whole

For a nation with a population of more than 1.3 billion, there are currently over 1,80,000 dentists, including 35,000 professionals practicing in different disciplines in the country. The dentist to common person ratio is reported to be 19,000 dentists in urban and semi-urban areas and 12,00,000 dentists in the rural places. There are greater than 35,000 dental specialists in different disciplines. The number of dentists has risen to 300,000 and the number of dental specialists to 50,000. Each year, more than 24,500 dental graduates are added to the list. The dental equipment and laboratories market is around USD 90 million annually.

The Global Dental Market is predicted to cross USD 60 Billion marks by the year 2024. The global oral care market size was at USD 28.0 billion and is projected to have a 5.0% CAGR over the forecast span.
Oral Hygiene

Growing awareness about dental hygiene and the rising prevalence of dental caries is expected to propel the market.

Periodontal disease

The CDC has estimated that 47.2% of the total population above 65 globally suffers from some periodontal disease.

World Health Organization

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), five billion individuals are suffering from tooth decay, and more than 40% of older people are suffering from total tooth loss across the world.

New technologies

The introduction to newer technologies, rise in demand for cosmetic dentistry, painless tooth extraction, and expanding private health insurance coverage improve the global dental services market.


India Foresight to become the Hub for
Dental Products and Materials.

With more than 5000 dental laboratories and over 297 institutes for dental education, the Indian dental Market is vast and still rapidly growing. Over the coming years India is supposed to become the largest nation for dental products and materials.

The Growth of Dental Industry in India.

Over the last decade the dental industry in India has vastly grown, and the major factors for this include:
Increasing healthcare realization among individuals.
Growth in the economy.
Increase in Healthcare expenditure by the Government.
Reduction on the Custom Duty.

Striking Facts about the Dental
Market in India

The Indian dental devices market is, at present,
estimated to be worth USD 0.260 billion and is
anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 6.79% from 2021.

Trends impacting the dental industry.

  • 3D Printing
  • Laser Technology (or Laser Dentistry)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Teledentistry
  • Healthcare Chatbots

Achievements of Dr. Arun Chamria

Dr. Arun Chamria

Dr. Chamria completed his Dentistry course from Nair Dental College's dental wing and passed with flying colors to become an innovator par excellence in dentistry.

Royal Dental Clinics in Mumbai

He was the founder of the renowned Royal Dental Clinics chain of dental services presently operating in Mumbai.

Best Dentist in Mumbai

He had been a dynamic member in this field for over 30 years now.

International Congress Of Oral Implantology

His pioneering works in the 'Same day fixed teeth' procedure, immediate loading of implants, and dentistry advancement have made Royal Dental synonymous with implantology. The concept was acknowledged and applauded at the highest Dentistry forum – The World Congress on Oral Implantology.

Founding President of Indian Dental Association

Dr. Chamria was also the founding President of the Indian Dental Association

Who is a 'Professional'?

Economic Management


Industry-Specific Professional Knowledge

Professional Knowledge

Legal Management



Being a professional to most people, means working and behaving so that others think of them as reliable, competent and respectful. Professionals are an asset not only to themselves, but also others.

In 1984, Dr. Arun Chamria was at a conference forum hosted by the then President of the well-known American Dental Association, Dr. Donald Bentley. Post the meeting, Dr. Bentley put a question one-on-one with Dr. Chamria. The question as Dr. Chamria passionately remembers was, “What according to you is a professional?” Dr. Bentley then answered the query himself saying, “A professional is 33% of academic knowledge, 33% of economic management knowledge and 33% knowledge of the prevailing laws.”

This statement even today, propels Dr. Arun Chamria’s ventures. That's why Dr. Chamria believes that a complete professional is someone who holds proficiency in all the three different domains stated above. He wishes to spread this message to all aspiring professionals of the upcoming generations.

About Late Dr. Arun Chamria

It is not easy to compress the inspiring saga of a man of stature like Dr. Arun Chamria in a single article. Dr. Arun Chamria is a renowned Dental Surgeon and a wonderful human being who has proven his profound skill with every adversity. Let's delve straight into this fascinating memoir of Dr. Arun Chamria. Better recognized as the Henry Ford of 'Implants In One Day,' Dr. Arun Chamria's success story is inspiring and unlike any other doctor.

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Why is India the best place for
Dental Treatment?

  • The country possesses a force of more than 350,000 dental professionals.
  • India has more than 5000 dental laboratories and 267 dental institutes; indeed, the Indian dental market is vast.
  • Indian Dental Implants treatment is among the top 5 implants in the healthcare implant industry across the country.
  • There is an abundance of highly skilled and experienced dental professionals in India.
  • Cost-effective treatment is the key factor driving the dental industry in the nation.
  • Indian dentists have the competence to handle trailblazing technologies acclaimed worldwide in the sphere of dentistry.

Late Dr. Arun Chamria